Capturing great headshots definitely is where my passion lies, but the anticipation of seeing the final product (film > print), going over each shots with a fine-tooth comb, seeing my client pulling their hair (or often my mine) sure sits on-par with capturing headshot on my passion scale.

Many photographer (less common with headshots photographer) offer sitting fee, where the client and the photographer go over their portfolio, different looks, answer questions. And some think of it as the equivalent of a ‘call-out’ charge for a plumber. Not a big fan at all and to this day going to my tenth year as a photographer I still don’t understand.

So what I offer is the opposite: post-headshot-sitting (you can bride me with a cup of coffee). Where we go over, study the headshots, random pieces of advice, talk life, throw pictures all over the table, make a good pile, not so good pile, and ohh-what-happened-there pile.

My clients always receive all their headshots back in 4×6 prints, good or bad. That’s the only way to learn. Study your headshot is probably the most important thing you can do after a photo-shoot, it is a study of body language, how one communicate non-verbally, knowingly or not-knowingly. Easy for some, not so easy for others. Requirement: It may require one to take their head out of the sand and get in touch with their vulnerable side.

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